Thursday, November 27, 2008

Media upset over corporate communications professionals’ role during crisis

There are clear-cut guidelines for public relations professionals on managing crisis communications for corporates. Some of the best global crisis case studies like Johnson & Johnson’s Tynelol have demonstrated the power of transparency in managing a crisis.

However, some of the basis rules of crisis communications are not followed by PR professionals, making the media angry.

This has been revealed during the course of several interactions one has had with senior journalists in India.

The situation seems to be no better abroad, if a report by Alex Black in PRWeek is any indication.

At a crisis communications conference in London recently, The Times Home Hews Editor Martin Barrow has told PROs: “If we know you’re lying, we will work extra hard to ensure we expose you and your company.”

Government PR professionals have also been criticized in this regard. They hide behind ‘security issues’ in order to lie, accused Sky News Political Correspondent Glen Oglaza.

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