Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Kersy Katrak passes away

Anand Halve, co-founder, Chlorophyll Brand & Communication, writes in agencyfaqs:

Kersy Katrak passed away last Friday, and I lost a guru and a dear friend. But when I told some people that I had received an SMS from Maia, Kersy’s daughter, that he was no more, many of them asked, “Who was Kersy Katrak?”

It is the tragedy of an industry that does not celebrate its heroes, that does not archive their work, nor document their contributions, that such a question was asked.
What does one say about a man who was an icon for advertising people from the 1960s to the 1990s? That he was a poet, a writer, a philosopher, a copywriter par excellence, and the founder of MCM (Mass Communication and Marketing), the advertising agency that has been the training ground for most of the leaders of the Indian advertising industry over the last four decades?

He was all of these, of course. But most of all, he was the father of creative advertising in India.

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