Sunday, February 22, 2015

N S Rajan’s PR success mantras

N S Rajan, Global Partner and Managing Director, Ketchum Sampark, has been serving global and Indian corporate giants during his two and a half decade public relations career. Among the clients served by him are DSP Merrill Lynch, ICICI Prudential, Fitch Ratings, ICICI Venture, Bajaj Auto, Tech Mahindra, Hutch Vodafone, ABB, Exide, Lafarge, AXIS Bank, Nomura Financials and National Stock Exchange. 

His profile sums up his approach succinctly, “Sacrificing quantity over quality, money over respect and short cut over hard work, NSR in his illustrious career, spanning over two decades, has through his consultative and advisory approach, at a time when the industry didn’t have these words in its dictionary, developed and executed distinctive, high-impact global communications campaigns for several global and Indian brands.”
Business Standard  reports on the success mantras of NSR, as he is fondly called.

"Most progressive CEOs are paying attention to the importance of PR, and they tend to listen when they know that the advice they're getting is honest and logical," says NSR in Business Standard. "Half the battle is won once the top management is willing to listen… When business leaders begin to trust your opinions, they come to respect you for your contrarian views too, especially when they know and understand that you mean well and the suggested course is in the best interests of the organisation.”

Transparency and aligning PR counsel with business situations and goals are of paramount importance, according to him. “Our relationship with the company or its CEO is fairly complex and each solution we suggest needs to be in sync with their business philosophy and culture, besides being relevant at that point of time."


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