Monday, February 02, 2015

77% of FTSE 100s hire Communications Directors

Seventy-seven percent (same as in 2013, 73% in 2012) of the FTSE 100s employed Group Corporate Communications/ Affairs Director in the year 2014 while 22% (20% in 2013, 27% in 2012) employed professionals in lower levels with the tiles varying (7% SVPs, 9% Heads and one officer), according to a survey done by  Watson Helsby, a trusted executive search firm. No information was available in the case of 1% of the FTSE 100s in the year 2014 (3% in 2013).
Watson Helsby collected data on 99 of the FTSE 100s, making this “the most comprehensive survey currently available”.
The key team members of the Company include Nick Helsby, its Managing Director, and Dee Cayhill, its Director.
The other key findings of the survey are:
·     Of those companies with a Group Director of Corporate Affairs/ Communications (or other comparable title), 43% (same as in 2013) regard it as an Executive Committee level post
·     The CEO reporting line predominates with 75% (up from 70% in 2013) reporting to their CEO
·       56% of Corporate Communications/ Affairs Directors were male and 44% female


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