Monday, February 02, 2015

Missteps, best practices in content marketing strategy

Linda Pophal, CEO, Strategic Communications, LLC, cautions companies against key missteps in shaping their content marketing strategy. She also outlines some of the best practices. Below are her suggestions:  
Missteps: 1. Not tying activities to the organization’s strategic plan; 2. failing to use, or repurpose, existing content; 3. focusing on quantity over quality; 3. considering online communication separate from other communications; 4. failing to leverage opportunities for referrals and backlinks; 5. not monitoring and learning from analytics. 
Best practices: 1. create a content calendar, but don’t be completely tied to it; 2. if there is more than one audience one is attempting to connect with, create multiple profiles; 3. listen to, and learn from, your audiences. 


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