Tuesday, November 18, 2008

‘Communicating in a Crisis’ hits book stands: 'Must-read for corporates, PR professionals'

Veteran PR professional Rene Henry has authored ‘Communicating in a Crisis’ (Gollywobbler Productions, 2008, $34.95), a 326-page book that analyzes scores of recent crises and provides advice including checklists for corporate management, reports odwyerpr.com.

‘’I don’t think I’ve read any text that clarifies the principles of effective crisis management as well as ‘Communicating in a Crisis’,” says Jonathan Bernstein, President, Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc. ‘’In fact, if more people read this, they’d have less crisis communicating to do!’’

‘’I found this book to be extremely valuable given the times in which we live,’’ says John Vondras, former Vice President, AT&T Wireless. ‘’It is amazing how many companies go out of their way to prolong a crisis rather than address it -- it seems to be a lesson that is learned over and over again the hard way. The examples were great.’’