Thursday, June 01, 2006

Public relations course at IIM Bangalore

Dr Seema Gupta has joined the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, where she intends to offer a course on corporate reputation management.

“Hopefully, it will help the industry and profession by sensitizing the future managers about the roles and responsibilities of corporate communications & PR,” says Dr Gupta.

Dr Gupta was earlier head of the PG programme in PR & event management at Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad.

With the demand for sound communications professionals increasing every passing minute, the Indian communications industry looks forward to more such initiatives.

“This is something worth appreciating,” says Priyadarshi Tripathy, hitting the bull’s eye. “Can I expect this course to not just train and groom future communications pros, but also encourage higher studies, research and policy-making in the field of corporate communications (or business communications in total)? Any profession to emerge stronger requires research along with practice.”

Here is wishing Dr Gupta and her team all the best!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi sir , read your blog and somehow wondering if you could help me by guiding for my career. i am an MBA HR and marketting with 10 years work experience in executive assistant to CEO s and now want to shift formthe profile. please do respond thanks

Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me clarify i want to switch from EA role to corporate communications or soft skills /hr

Blogger Ruchi Vijay said...

Sir, its nice to read that my thoughts are going in a right way. I have also concluded there will be huge need of Communicators in future.
I am also Public Relation Professional and now m searching a degree which could help me out to expand my area of knowledge. I did my Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Devi Ahilya Vishvavidyalaya, Indore. I wish to do MBA in Public Relations or MBA in Corporate Communication. But Still Ihave not got a reputed institute which conducts Distance Learning Programs in the same field. As I go through your profile now I expect that you will be having enormous guideline for me. Sir, can you please guide me for any suitable studies for me.

Blogger sunny said...

Dear Sir,

I am a graphic designer from Bangalore,currently heading a team catering to the needs of HR communications and employee-employer branding.

Would love to do a course in corporate communications and branding. And with a special focus on digital communications.

Please advice.

Thank you.

Warm regards


Blogger coolnao said...

Dear Sir,

Would like to enrol in this programme of Corporate Communications , how should i apply can u guide me.

My email id is
I would really appreciate if the information is passed on ...

Thanx & Regards

Blogger Bhavya Tripathi said...

Dear Sir,

I too would like to pursue a course related to corporate communications and I am hoping that you will be able to guide me in the correct direction.

Please be kind enough to mail me your feedback on You can also call me on 09742022280.

Thanking you in advance,

Bhavya Tripathi

Anonymous Monika said...

Dear Sir,

I am interested in taking up a course on corporate communications.

I would need your assistance to guide me in taking it up.
Appreciate your help.You can reach me on

Thanks much!


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