Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pam’s awe-inspiring Innovation Communications

“I think the future is really in digital PR,” says Pam Edstrom, Executive Vice President and Partner of Waggener Edstrom Worldwide (WE).

Pam was in Mumbai recently to announce WE’s tie-up with Adfactors Public Relations.

“The media (in the US) model is changing; today everything is being migrated onto the Internet,” she says. “I think there are enormous opportunities for public relations through this. The question is how to tell the story today, when a picture says a thousand words whereas a video says a million words. There was a time when everyone used to have fixed deadlines. Today things have changed, and it is much more dynamic. We are not tied down; anyone can break a certain story anywhere in the world.”

Pam, who is the principal strategic advisor for WE’s Innovation Communications, recounted a classic example of her work. “For the promotion of IE 7 (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7), we invited around 12 bloggers for dinner, who were all extremely interested in knowing about the Microsoft software. We told them about the website from where they could download the new IE 7. Within the next few days, we found that the number of downloads for IE 7 had shot up tremendously.”


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