Monday, August 07, 2006

Sify’s performance will speak for itself

R Ravichandran interviews Raju Vegesna, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Sify, in The Financial Express:

My mandate will be to unlock the greater value of Sify’s multiple businesses such as broadband, enterprise solutions and portals through strategic investments, technology and processes…

We will continue to focus on growing each of our businesses in India. These include the Internet access -- cyber cafes and broadband-to-home initiatives....
Our portal initiatives are rapidly gaining momentum. Efforts will also be made to grow the enterprise and managed services business. A key strategic thrust will be on our international services that include e-learning and infrastructure-managed services. To meet growing demand, we recently opened our third data centre in Bangalore…

Sify is, has been, and will be one of India’s finest companies in data connectivity services for enterprise and consumers. This has been well recognised both in India and abroad. It will continue to focus on its customers, growth and profitability from its businesses in India and overseas in the years ahead. Going forward, I am sure our performance will speak for itself.


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