Tuesday, August 29, 2006

‘PR industry lacks visionary leadership’

“We lack in visionary leadership, and there is a dearth of talent” in the Indian PR industry.

That is Rajiv N Desai, eminent columnist and PR professional. Desai was instrumental in establishing India's first PR consulting firm IPAN in 1988. Leaving IPAN last year, he had launched Comma Consulting.

In an exclusive interview with exchange4media's Sumita Patra, Desai says, “At IPAN, I trained young professionals and groomed them into PR executives. But now agencies are not able to attract such people because nobody is willing to invest time on them. I think the PR industry will continue to grow, and there will be leaders who will stress on quality rather than quantity.”

Talking about Comma, he says, “At Comma, we believe that branding is about credibility and not visibility. We practise communications management to ensure that whatever brand you build, its values are communicated to both external and internal audiences…. We want to be a major player, and we want to be part of the changing India.”


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