Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Google-Good Relations creative PR tie-up

PR consultancies across the world will be in a position to fast-track adoption of advertising agencies’ creative practices if Google’s ‘experiment’ with Good Relations Group succeeds.

The Google-Good Relations three-month collaborative programme will enable the latter’s 15 employees team to develop “advertising agency style insights and creative ideas for clients, using tools that have previously been used primarily by creative and media shops”. The curriculum includes planning sessions, creativity workshops and the full array of Google’s ‘planning for insight’ products.

Amelia Torode, Head, Digital and Innovation, Good Relations, is among the participants. Torode, who has rich advertising experience, has been urging the PR industry to adopt advertising agencies best creative practices.

Google too is expected to benefit from the collaboration as it enables the company to showcase “the creative potential of its platforms and tools”.

Though the Google-Good Relations creative initiative is commendable, it should be remembered that creativity has been an integral part of all outstanding communications campaigns, and that several PR consultancies and PR professionals have been known for their creative contributions. Incidentally, this blogger had played a key role in setting the creative departments in two Indian PR consultancies....

However, as the Google-Good Relations experiment would enable a much larger canvass for creativity, if it succeeds, here is wishing them all the very best.


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