Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vir Sanghvi plans to monetize his web site

Veteran journalist and television celebrity Vir Sanghvi has launched his own web site, where he has aggregated all his past content. In addition, there would be some original content.

The site has been put together by Seema Goswami, and has been designed by Olive. Sanghvi has stressed on the need to allow interactivity on the site and the right resources have been allocated for that too, writes Noor Fathima Warsia of exchange4media.

Sanghvi hopes to monetize the web site which had over 1,500 unique visitors on Day 1. “These numbers would definitely stabilise going forward, but if we can manage something around this, I expect a certain amount of advertising to come in on the site. And there would be two kinds of advertisers – one for the number of visitors, and second from a brand association and prestige advertising point of view that would be dependent more on the quality.”

The web site already has support from media corporates such as Hindustan Times, STAR India and Discovery.


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