Saturday, November 08, 2008

Slowdown presents an opportunity for PR and brand protection, says Andy West

Does the present global slowdown present an opportunity for both public relations agencies and corporate communications professionals?

In such times, “companies are going to be especially protective of their brands”, says Andy West, formerly of Text 100, who has been roped in by Hotwire to launch an international corporate practice for technology brands.

The new practice follows a move by Hotwire to broaden out from its existing areas of expertise, reports PRWeek’s Chloe Markowicz .

However, West, who started as managing director of the corporate practice this week, admitted the challenges of launching a new practice as budgets are tightening.
At the moment, West is working with existing Hotwire staff but he hopes to bring in experts in branding and broadcast within the next six months.

West was made redundant from Text 100, where he was former executive vice-president of business development. He has since founded, which allows users to take part in live online debates.


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