Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tata Communications launches global communications campaign

Hill & Knowlton to manage worldwide PR

Tata Communications has launched a global campaign to increase brand awareness and visibility among key decision makers, reports Asiya Bakht in Brand Republic.

As part of this rebranding exercise, Tata Communications has hired has also hired Hill & Knowlton to handle worldwide PR outside India.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Head, Corporate marketing and Strategy at Tata Communications, has told Brand Republic: “Tata Communications undertook a rebranding exercise last year but since then we have not communicated the message to our customers and partners. Through this global campaign we are looking at increasing our visibility and awareness among influencers and drive the perception of Tata Communications as a leading global communications player.”

The campaign, launched today in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US, includes TV, print and online elements and will run until 30 September. MPG, which recently won Tata Communications’ global media planning and buying account following a competitive pitch, directed the media aspects of the campaign, while the creative and online components were developed by STC Associates and Havas Digital, reports Brand Republic.

Tata Communications, which was previously called VSNL, is a global communications provider. It has strategic investments in operators in South Africa (Neotel), Sri Lanka (Tata Communications Lanka), Nepal (United Telecom) and, subject to approval by the Chinese government, China (China Enterprise Communications).


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